Welcome to The Foot Saver
    The Foot Saver  Insoles Are Liquid Orthodic with a fluid action that provides several different advantages
conventional insoles. 

     The Foot Saver  will prevent or reduce pain and fatigue along the entire body that includes the feet, legs, knees, and lower back.

  The Foot Saver’s liquid shock absorption helps prevent pain and fatigue.
The dynamic fluid in the insole redistributes heel impact pressure throughout the entire heel.
Hydraulic shock is diminished, taking away most of the heel impact that can cause pain in the foot, ankle, knee and lower back.

    The Foot Saver  creates a therapeutic massaging action that moves back and forth along the bottom of the foot with every step. This activity increases circulation by pumping blood through the veins in the feet and legs and
increases oxygen flow in the feet and leg muscles .

    The Foot Saver’s fluid action continually massages your feet with every step, relaxing your muscles so your feet are not aching at the end of a long day.

    The Foot Saver  redistributes your body weight evenly  over the entire surface of your feet, taking pressure off any hot spots of pain or discomfort. Your feet feel like they are floating on a thin layer of liquid.
   The Foot Saver
    It's Like Walking on Water

    The Foot Saver insoles have a revolutionary design that allows your feet to float on top of the 100% non-Toxic Cosmetic grade Glycerin as you walk, giving you a constant foot massage on important acupressure points helping relieve foot aches. Foot Saver insoles provide 15x the impact resistance of standard type insoles. Find out for yourself how much our insole can improve your quality of life. Our Foot Saver™ insoles are great for walking, running and jumping. 

    The Foot Saver Liquid Orthotic Massaging insoles are designed for every day use, especially for those who spend multiple hours each day on their feet.

   The Foot Saver
     It's Like Walking on Water